Executive Biographies
Joseph F. Benza, Jr. - Chief Executive Officer
Joseph Benza, Jr.
Joe has over thirty years of experience in the healthcare industry. In 1973, Joe started his career with Burroughs Inc. as the Account Manager selling computers and developing customized software for major medical, government, education and hospital accounts in Greater Cincinnati, Ohio. In 1979, he started Perfecto Dental Lab CDL, LLC, a company that manufactures crown and bridge fixed appliances, implants, and other prosthetic devices by prescription. Joe was a nationally certified dental technician (CDT) for over 25 years and owned the only Nationally Certified Dental Laboratory in Cincinnati, during those years.

In 1985, Joe co-authored the book called "Preventing AIDS A Practical Guide for Everyone" that was published by Jalsco Inc. to inform the public on how to reduce the risk of transmission of the HTLV-III virus (AIDS). The book was reviewed and recommended for purchase by Booklist and Library Journal in the US and was distributed in forty countries. Joe also operated several other corporations that develop commercial and residential real estate and Internet companies. He also bred horses, including the 2006 Saddlebred 3-year old & 2007 Junior World Champions. Joe has his Bachelors of Business Administration in quantitative analysis from the University of Cincinnati.
Kelton Wheatley - Director of IT
Kelton Wheatley
Kelton Wheatley came to YourCity.MD with nearly ten years of Internet Development and Design experience. Before joining YourCity.MD, Kelton graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a Bachelor of Science in Information Engineering with High College Honors. While at the University of Cincinnati, Kelton was presented with the prestigious College of Applied Science MPCT Evening Student of the Year award. After graduation, he developed several Enterprise-level Web Applications in the Insurance and Healthcare industries.

For the past five years, Kelton has lead the team of Senior Web Engineers as they developed and built all aspects of the YourCity.MD Platform including the Object-Relational Mapping Core that the Platform currently runs on. He is also very active in a variety of civic and culteral organizations including Habitat for Humanity and many other non-profits. Outside of professional interests, he travels, reads and enjoys time with his wife and two young children.
Joseph "JB" Benza, III - Chief Financial Officer
JB is a graduate of Miami University in Oxford with a major in Business. JB bought his first house as an investment at the age of 18 years old and by the time he was 20, he owed over 5 rental homes. JB started out in the financial world part time as a mortgage broker with monarch mortgage while he was at Miami University getting his bachelor's degree. Directly out of college JB hired on with National City Mortgage where he continued working as a mortgage broker. JB eventually left National City Mortgage to move on to more challenging tasks. JB went on to run Perfecto Dental Lab which was the family business. He restructured the company and drastically lowered overhead expenses. Once JB finished restructuring Perfecto Dental Lab he became the CFO of Yourcity.MD LLC where he setup the financial tools that are in place today. In conjunction with the IT Director an automatic sales service center was integrated into all 500 city websites.
S. Russell Vester, MD - Medical Advisor & Former CMO
S. Russell Vester
Dr. Vester is a cardiac surgeon. For more than a decade he has been the head of CVTS, Cardiac, Vascular & Thoracic Surgeons, Inc., one of the country's largest groups that performs virtually all procedures in the fields of heart, chest and vascular surgery. He and his colleagues at CVTS, head up 6 of the 7 major hospitals in Greater Cincinnati with regard to cardiothoracic surgery. On February 23, Dr. Vester became the new President of the Medical Staff at Jewish Hospital. DR. Vester is a third generation physician. Dr. Russ Vester intends to use his new position at YourCity.MD and his national blogger stats in all 500 .MD cities to grow YourCity.MD and help you understand issues related to your heart health as well as your health overall. Dr. Vester also served on the Health Care Policy Reform committee for the Society of Thoracic Surgeons for the past decade.

Dr. Vester is in the middle of his second term as President of the Cincinnati chapter of the American Heart Association.
Michael Barber - Advisor & Former VP of Business Development
Michael Barber
Michael is a Board Certified Family Physician with 16 years of hands on, clinical experience followed by 16 years of executive leadership experience. Michael was first the Medical Director and then the Chief Medical Officer at ChoiceCare, a physician owned HMO in Cincinnati. He was part of an executive team that turned the company around from near bankruptcy to a very profitable sale 7 years later. He then went on to be the CEO of a start up company, Momentum Health Solutions, a Medicare risk company, followed by two years as CEO of an early stage biotech company, The Haelan Group located in Indianapolis, Indiana. At Haelan he was instrumental in raising the initial capital and creating strategic partnerships that allowed the organization to leverage its technology and build a customer base. He then continued on as an active Board member and investor and was involved in the further development of the company until its sale in December 2006 to CareGuide. He is now on the Board of Directors of CareGuide. Most recently, he was the COO, then the CEO of Group Health Associates, a 100 physician multi-specialty group practice located in Cincinnati. He then spent over three years changing the business model from prepayment to fee for service and then sold the group to a local health system to further the strategic goals of the group.
Michael received his undergraduate degree in Biology from Indiana University in 1970 and his MD from Indiana University in 1973. He received numerous academic achievement awards in both his undergraduate and graduate studies.